What is autonomous driving?

Autonomous driving explained

Today, we are close to creating truly autonomous cars that will revolutionize the way you travel and change society for the better. Here’s our guide to what autonomous driving means and how it came about.

Erik Coelingh - Senior Technical Leader for Safety and Driver Support Technologies, explains Volvo Cars’ unique approach to autonomous driving

We put the person at the centre, not the technology. It’s about making sure the person is relaxed and enjoys the journey


Autonomous technology – the Volvo Cars strategy

The self-driving car will save lives, create a better environment and turn the commute into a productive journey. These are the key parts of our strategy for self-driving cars – a safer, sustainable future in which our cars improve how we live and travel.

How we got there

Today, we are a leading authority on autonomous technology. Explore the technical innovations and the research that have enabled us to reach this point.