Knowledge is the key

The circle of life

We use data from real-world collisions and rigorous research and testing to make our cars ever safer. Each new car is built using the knowledge gained from its predecessors – we call this process of continuous refinement and improvement the Circle of Life.

Cecilia Larsson - Senior Director of Volvo Cars Safety Centre

What’s unique is our focus on real life


Local cooperation for a global vision

Building the safest cars in the world is not enough to realise Volvo Cars’ Safety Vision – we collaborate to help plan the safe roads and traffic infrastructure that will also save lives. By working with the Swedish Transport Administration in our home country we have created a model for global cooperation between car manufacturers and the transport authorities.

Jan Ivarsson - Deputy Director, Senior Technical Advisor, Safety

Volvo Cars’ Safety Vision is a way of thinking and working. It’s like a religion for the company

AstaZero – a new world of safety

Volvo Cars is a partner with AstaZero, the world’s first full-size test centre that simulates real-world traffic scenarios. This state-of-the-art facility – which opened in 2014 – can recreate a huge number of real-life traffic situations and is the ideal place to fine-tune our IntelliSafe technologies. It will play a key role in helping us make Volvo Cars’ Safety Vision a reality.