Enjoy the features of your iPhone from the driver’s seat.


A safer way to play with your phone

Using Volvo’s built-in touchscreen display, you can enjoy selected functionality without picking up your phone.


Use Siri—Apple’s voice control application—to do it all. Just push the voice control button and get the help you need.


With just the touch of a button, you can access your contacts, music, maps, and other supported apps using Volvo’s built-in touchscreen display.

In-car control

You can easily control CarPlay without taking your eyes off the road using the buttons conveniently located on your steering wheel and dash.


Making life better on the road

Use CarPlay to access Apple’s popular iPhone apps. Make calls, send and receive messages, get directions, and listen to music—all from the driver’s seat.


Use Siri or the touchscreen display to send and reply to text messages. It’s a safer way to keep in touch with the outside world.


Chatting on the road doesn’t have to be distracting. Use Siri to make and receive calls, and listen to your voicemail.


Apple maps and easy-to-follow directions are just where you want them – right in front of you on Volvo’s bright display.


Music always makes a journey smoother. Listen to playlists, podcasts, and iTunes Radio using Siri or your car’s built-in controls.

Supported apps

Apps for an entertaining drive

CarPlay supports a range of other apps on your iPhone, with more are added all the time. Here are a few of our favourites:


Stream almost any music you like, make and share playlists, and build your biggest and best music collection ever.

Beats Music

The streaming service that combines top music experts and premium technology to always deliver the right music at the right time.


Listen to thousands of live radio stations and create custom stations based on your favourite artist or song.


Customize playlists of your favourite news, sports and comedy shows and podcasts to fit your mood.

Our Innovations

Everything we do is designed around people, so every innovation we make is designed to simplify and improve your life. We're especially proud of our advances in efficient power, connectivity and safety. We call our thinking in these areas: Drive-E, Sensus, and IntelliSafe.