Accident and Repair

Repairs That Are More Than Just Skin Deep

  • Unfortunately accidents do happen whether it's your fault or caused by someone else, whoever is at fault you want to be certain that your Volvo car is repaired to the very highest standard, you will also want the reassurance that Volvo's reputation for safety is not compromised.

    Despite what your Insurance Company may say you are fully entitled to specify where you have your car repaired. Naturally we would recommend that all Volvo's are repaired using a Volvo Approved Body and Paint Centre where all correct repair procedures are followed and genuine Volvo parts are used.

    Volvo's Approved Body & Paint network is ready to repair your car to Volvo's high safety and quality standards. When turning to an approved Volvo Body & Paint Centre, you can be certain that your car will be repaired only by trained technicians – experts on Volvo and fulfilling Volvo's high body repair competence standards.

    You may not be aware that Insurance Companies are reducing costs by having non genuine parts fitted or panels repaired rather than replaced, which may compromise the cars safety and integrity. With the Volvo approved network only Volvo Genuine Parts are used, ensuring that the highest safety, quality and environmental demands are met.

    Thanks to the perfect fit and finish, Volvo Genuine Parts help make the job more efficient and the result perfect. Volvo Body & Paint Centres also have all the right equipment for maximum efficiency and repair quality, including a number of Volvo-specific tools. What's more, every centre contains a Volvo approved paint system and uses a Volvo approved body aligner to guarantee that your car is returned to Volvo's original specifications.

    Accident repair process and promise:

    We have the expertise to repair no matter where and how large the damage. The Volvo experts will estimate damages advising repairs and replacements accurately. To speed up the process,it is always advised that you file your claim with the Insurance Company and let us do the rest with your Insurance Company. Our technicians are trained and certified to work on your Volvo on all aspects of body repairs and repair centres are well equipped with the latest body repair equipments such as electronic chassis measurement & repairs, chassis bench, MIG welding equipment, etc.

    Our repair work involves a 3 stage quality inspection and we use only Genuine Volvo parts to ensure that your Volvo is retruned to you with the same level of quality that you always expect of a Volvo . All our repairs are guaranteed for 12 Months or 12,000 Kms whichever is earlier. If your car is under Volvo's warranty, the warranty will remain intact since you chose to repair with Volvo.

    Steps to follow in case of an accident in the the Sultanate of Oman:

    Call the Police and obtain an Accident Report or a Repair Letter. By law, we can only carry out repairs with the Police Report. In case of major damage, please call recovery assistance  at 800 74747 to transport your car to the Volvo repair centre. After the transportaion, please enure that you report the accident to your Insurance Company. Fill in an Insurance Claim Form at your insurance company, attach the original Police Report but retain a copy for us to retain for repair records. Record the claim number allocated by your Insurance Company and visit us so that we can prepare an estimate for the repair. While you visit us, please provide us a copy of the Police Report, Claim Number, and Name of your Insurance Company. Estimate preparation has to be immaculate and depending upon the extent of damage, we will need a rigorous inspection and estimation of the damage. We will fax or email the estimate to your Insurance company as soon as its prepared for them to approve it and on their approval the repair work will be done.

    The estimates are approved by your insurance company once the Surveyor inspects the damage personally and validates our estimate. If the car is in a drivable condition, you can chose to drive the car and bring in the car to us for the Surveyor to see at a time agreed by the Surveyor. We will start the repair work as soon as the Surveyor approves and your Insurance company sends us an official purchase order specifying the claim number to start the work. We are bound by your Insurance company' advise on the extent of repair covered. Depending on your car Insurance Company’ instruction, if required we would inform of any excess payment collection required from you that we collect for your Insurance Company.

    Your Volvo representative will inform you of the vehicle preparation status and a completion date . Depending on the extent of damage, additional repair jobs related to the accident in some cases can only be gauged as the technician works on your car. The additional works required are subject to additional approvals from your Insurance company and could delay the repair process. This however will be handled with responsiveness that causes least incovenience in vehicle delivery after repair.

    At Volvo, all our accident repairs are guaranteed for 12 Months or 12,000 Kms whichever is earlier. If your car is under Volvo's warranty, the warranty will remain intact since you chose to repair with Volvo. For further details, please contact our Volvo service centres in the Sultanate of Oman.