s90 Plug-in Hybrid charging


One year of free electricity

Reduce your carbon footprint with a new plug-in hybrid and we’ll reimburse you for the electricity used while driving.*

Volvo Plug-in Hybrid connected to electricity

Drive electric, with a cashback

To encourage you to drive as sustainably as possible, electricity for one year is included when purchasing a new plug-in hybrid from Volvo. Your reimbursement will be through an accessories and lifestyle collection items voucher, the value of which will be calculated based on the kilowatt hours used while driving on electricity, which will in turn be calculated at your first service.

  • Valid for for orders delivered between the 1st of December 2019 and 6 months ahead.
  • The reimbursement vouchers are valid for official Volvo accessories and lifestyle collection items.
  • You are responsible for potential tax benefit implications.
  • Reduce your emissions

    One of our goals is to be climate neutral by 2040. As a step along the way, all Volvo cars are available as plug-in hybrids. By including free electricity when purchasing a plug-in hybrid, we hope to put a spotlight on efficient energy usage and the possibility to cover daily driving needs only on electricity.

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    What do you want to know about the free electricity offer?

    • What is included in the free electricity offer?

      The campaign offer is valid for new plug-in hybrid cars from Volvo delivered to the customer from December 1, 2019 and 6 months ahead. This means that you will be reimbursed for the electricity used to charge your car until the first service. The reimbursement will be through a voucher for Volvo accessories and lifestyle items. The voucher is valid for 30 days from its issuing date.

    • For how long is this campaign offer valid?

      The campaign offer is valid for new plug-in hybrid cars from Volvo delivered to the customer from December 1, 2019 and 6 months ahead.

    • Are there any limitations of the offer?

      Vouchers have a predefined value. Please ask your local dealer for more information. Only plug-in hybrid cars are included in this offer.

    • How will the reimbursement be calculated?

      The reimbursement will be based on the amount of kWh used by the customer until the first service.

    • Is the offer applicable for all types of businesses?

      No. The offer is not applicable for rental cars. There may be additional exceptions on your local market, so please connect with your local dealer.

    *The offer covers the period between the delivery of the car to the customer until the first service (latest after 1 year). Contact your dealer for local terms and conditions since they may vary.