Charging the hybrid battery

Charging current

Updated 7/9/2020

Charging current

Charging current is used for charging the hybrid battery as well as preconditioning of the car. Charging takes place with a charging cable connected to the car's charging input socket and a 230 V socketThe voltage in the socket may vary depending on market. (alternating current).

When the charging cable is activated, the driver display shows a message and a lamp in the car's charging input socket illuminates. The charging current is mainly used for battery charging, but is also used for preconditioning the car. When the car's hybrid battery is charged, the starter battery is also charged.


Never unplug the charging cable from the 230 V socket (alternating current) while charging is in progress - there is then a risk of damaging the 230 V socket. Always stop charging first before unplugging the charging cable from the car's charging input socket and then from the 230 V socket.


  • If the weather is very hot or very cold, some of the charging current is used to heat/cool the hybrid battery and the passenger compartment, which results in a longer charging time.
  • The charging time is extended if preconditioning has been selected. The time required depends mainly on the outside temperature.


Normally several 230 V consumers are included in a fuse circuit, so additional consumers (e.g. lighting, vacuum cleaner, electric drill, etc.) can be on the same fuse.

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