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Hybrid battery

Updated 7/9/2020

Hybrid battery

The car is equipped with a hybrid battery for electric motor operation - a maintenance-free rechargeable Lithium-ion type battery.


The car cannot be started if the hybrid battery is discharged.


If both the starter battery and the hybrid battery are discharged then both batteries must be charged. In such a case, charging only the hybrid battery first is not possible.

In order for the hybrid battery to be charged the starter battery must have a certain state of charge.


The hybrid battery must only be replaced by a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.


The hybrid battery's cooling system has a separate expansion tank.

P5-1519 XC90 Hybrid Hybrid battery coolant refill


The hybrid battery's coolant must only be topped up by a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

Specifications for hybrid battery

Type: Lithium-ion

Total amount of energy: 10.4 kWh.


The capacity of the hybrid battery diminishes with age and use, which may result in increased use of the internal combustion engine and, as a consequence, reduced fuel economy and reduced range during electric operation.

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