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Long-term storage of vehicles with hybrid batteries

Updated 7/9/2020

Long-term storage of vehicles with hybrid batteries

To minimise hybrid battery degradation during prolonged storage (longer than 1 month) of the vehicle a charge level of approximately 25% is recommended as indicated on the driver display.

Proceed as follows:

P5-15w26- State of Charging in the driver display

If the state of charge is high - run the car until approx. 25% remains. If the state of charge is low - charge the battery until a level of approx. 25% is reached.

If storage has lasted longer than 6 months or the hybrid battery charge level is significantly lower than 25% - charge the battery to approx. 25% again to compensate for the natural self-discharge that occurred during the prolonged storage. Continuously check the charge level in the driver display.


Choose the coolest location possible for the vehicle in order to minimise aging of the battery during long-term storage. During summer the vehicle should preferably remain indoors or outdoors in the shade, depending on where the temperature is lowest.

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