Versatile, spacious and elegant. The V90 is a luxuriously modern take on the iconic Volvo estate.

Exterior styling

The exterior styling options for the new V90 are designed to enhance the car’s dynamic elegance.

Exterior styling with chrome inserts

Designed exclusively for the V90, this elegant and dynamic exterior styling package includes a colour-matched front bumper spoiler, uniquely designed bottom sill mouldings with chrome insert, unique double end pipes and a colour-matched rear diffuser with chrome insert.

End pipes, double integrated and diffuser

These unique double end pipes and colour-matched diffuser with chrome insert are exclusively designed to integrate with the exterior of your V90. By creating the impression of four end pipes, the double end pipes give the car a more commanding presence and enhance its stylish, yet elegant character.

Bumper cover

This exclusive stainless steel bumper cover is designed to protect the bumper on your V90 from scratches and scrapes when loading and unloading. The bumper features a premium high gloss finish and has been specially adapted to integrate with the other exclusive V90 exterior styling details.

21” 10-spoke alloy wheel

These exclusive 21” 10-open spoke Turbine Tinted Silver Diamond Cut complete wheels are uniquely designed to create an elegantly luxurious look. Each wheel has been thoroughly tested for rolling resistance and durability, as well as how it responds to the road beneath it in different weather conditions.

Key fob shell, white leather

This key fob shell in high-quality white leather is exclusively designed to match the interior of your Volvo. Handmade with care and precision, this unique key fob adds an exclusive sense of Scandinavian luxury and style to your Volvo experience.

Pack & Load

Our styling accessories and smart packing solutions are exclusively designed to help you get more out of your V90.

Dog gate

Designed to ensure dogs remain safe during car journeys, the dog gate combines with the protective grille, load compartment divider and load liner to create a secure dog compartment. The dog gate can be mounted on the left or right hand side of the load compartment divider, or both if you require two dog compartments.

Tailgate scuff plate, illuminated

Exclusively designed for the V90 Inscription, this stylish illuminated stainless steel scuff plate helps protects the load compartment trim when loading or unloading. When the tailgate is opened, the integrated LED lights elegantly illuminate in conjunction with the car’s interior lighting. (Available later 2017)

Load carrier

Enhancing your rooftop carrying capacity, this wing profile load carrier is easily fitted directly onto the rails and facilitates attaching of Volvo load-carrying accessories – from the roof box to specially-designed holders for your gear.

Roof box, designed by Volvo Cars

Specially designed for your Volvo by our own designers, this exclusive and aerodynamic 350 litres roof box in glossy black solves your roof top transports with style. Quick-Grip mountings make it possible to fit the roof box with one hand, while neat touches such as LED lighting in the lid help you load in the dark.

Tech & Sound

Whether it’s ensuring drivers stay connected or helping passengers stay entertained, our range of accessories has something for everyone.

iPad® Holder

With the iPad® holder, rear-seat passengers can now use an iPad® in comfort and safety. Whether it’s listening to music, watching a film or surfing the web, the iPad® holder lets rear-seat passengers make the most of every journey and features two USB ports for charging devices simultaneously.

Media Server

With this innovative device, your passengers can stream and enjoy lots of entertaining content on up to 6 different wireless devices. Independent of phone network coverage they can enjoy films, digital TV, music and photos, which are all stored on a USB memory stick and connected to the server.

Apple CarPlay

CarPlay takes the functions and apps you’re familiar with from your iPhone and makes them conveniently available via your Volvo’s centre display. You can even use the Siri voice control function to take care of emails and SMS, which means your attention stays safely on the road ahead.

Child safety

Our safety innovations have been helping to keep children safe in cars for more than fifty years. We have learned a lot in that time. With the new generation of Volvo child seats, we have taken everything we have learned and passed the benefits on to you.

Child seat, infant seat

Designed to provide comfort and protection for infants aged 0-1 year, our rear-facing infant seat features a deep shaped seat, luxurious new wool upholstery and high side panels. The large carry handle is easily adjusted using one hand and the headrest can be conveniently altered from the front.

Child seat, rearward facing

Featuring improved legroom, added tilt and recline options and luxurious new wool upholstery, our rear-facing child seat provides optimal comfort and safety for children aged 9 months to 6 years. The compact design and low weight mean it is also easy to install, adjust and remove.

Child seat, booster seat

Our child booster seat introduces children aged 4-10 years to forward facing travel. The padded headrest, high side panels and shoulder protection ensure a safe journey, while the luxurious new wool upholstery guarantees a comfortable one.

Child seat, booster cushion with wool upholstery

Designed for children aged 4-10 years, our booster cushion with backrest ensures the safety belt always sits correctly to provide children with the same high level of safety as they grow, while the luxurious new wool upholstery ensures they stay comfortable. The backrest can be adjusted for rest/sleep position and features five different height settings.

Polestar Performance Optimisation

Drive-E is Volvo’s most advanced powertrain ever. As a result, the Polestar engineers focused on five critical performance areas when developing the new generation of Polestar optimisations. They took a holistic approach and developed software upgrades to both the engine and gearbox. Together, they deliver a faster, more precise and intuitive driving experience.

Our Innovations

Everything we do is designed around people, so every innovation we make is designed to simplify and improve your life. We're especially proud of our advances in efficient power, connectivity and safety. We call our thinking in these areas: Drive-E, Sensus, and IntelliSafe.