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Volvo reinforces the launch of a full line-up of XCs with a new maintenance service program for 10 years

or 100,000 km as a New Year Present to ensure smooth and safe journeys
วอลโว่ คาร์


Bangkok, 14 January 2019Volvo is reinforcing its commitment to always putting people first by proudly presenting the new maintenance service program for 10 years or 100,000 km, which doubles the protection currently offered (from 5 years). This extension is being made to ensure that every journey you take in a Volvo is smooth and safe and that we are dedicated to serving you for many years to come. With the full XC range including XC40, XC60 and XC90, Volvo introduces an outstanding SUV line-up offer to Thai consumers to ensure the confidence to enjoy every journey – and every moment – in the car. The promise is simple: “Protecting and caring for people is most important. Just relax. We will take care of everything”.


In addition, for orders placed from Jan. 2nd - Feb. 28th, 2019, purchasers of XC90 and S90 will be given FREE VPSP including Ten (10) years/100,000 km of Volvo Service & Maintenance (whichever comes sooner), Five (5) years/150,000 km (whichever comes sooner) of Volvo Warranty coverage and Five (5) years of Volvo Road Side Assistance Programme coverage.



No matter what your choice of model, Volvo is with you for the long road ahead....



** 10-year maintenance service program is part of Volvo Premium Service Package (VPSP) including:

- Ten (10) years/100,000 Km (whichever comes sooner) Volvo Service & Maintenance package.

- Five (5) years/150,000 Km (whichever comes sooner) Volvo Warranty

- Five (5) years Volvo Road Side Assistance Programme.

** Purchasers of any XC90 and S90 will have an additional incentive: free VPSP extension to 10 years / 100,000 km from Jan. 2nd until Feb. 28th



For more information on the complete range of 2019 models, visit your nearest Volvo dealership






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