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Volvo Cars Proudly Announces The “Family Bond by Volvo Cars” Policy

around the world, with employees provided 24 weeks of paid parental leave,

inclusive of parents of all genders, including LGBTQ.

Volvo promotes a corporate culture of equality, unity and contribution to gender diversity.

Bangkok - Volvo Car Group, the premium Swedish car brand renowned for putting people first, is committed to elevating operations across all aspects of its business with the philosophy of "People are the Core of Everything We Do", the announcement of the "Family Bond by Volvo Cars" policy worldwide on April 1, 2021 is further testament to this.


This positive initiative grants all Volvo employees 24 consecutive weeks of parental leave and covers all parents, including the biological parent, adopter child sponsor, and surrogate. It gives parents of all genders be they men, women, or LGBTQ (LGBTQ) the right to an equitable corporate culture that embraces inclusive values and unity and makes gender diversity a priority in accordance with social contexts, as well as reducing the gender gap so that everyone has equal opportunities to grow their career. This policy is part of Volvo International's 50/50 program which supports female and LGBTQ employees by ensuring they have the equal opportunity to be promoted to management level without being passed over due to child-rearing commitments or other personal limitations.

Mr. Håkan Samuelsson, Chief Executive Officer of Volvo Car Group Sweden said, “We are a family-centric company that has always put people at the centre of everything we do, and this paternity leave policy initiative is further proof of our commitment to these values. We realize that having a new family member brings rich happiness to everyone in the home, but it also comes with a great deal of pressure. So, we want to give our employees longer leave to make it easier for them in this transition period. We initiated this highly successful pilot program in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in 2019 with the parents requesting to use this right made up of 54% of women and 46% of men. This has resulted in a significant increase in workplace satisfaction, enjoyment, and an overall commitment to the organization.”

“We believe that supporting people is the foundation of our organization and it will help to strengthen the brand to grow steadily from within. Having all our operations around the world offering the Family Bond policy is one of the most concrete enhancements in the quality of life for employees at Volvo,” said Håkan Samuelsson

The "Family Bond by Volvo Cars" policy offers 24 consecutive weeks (or 120 days) of parental leave, with employees still receiving 80% of their salary over the period of leave. Full-time employees, in every Volvo office and production facility, who have worked at the company for at least one year are eligible regardless of gender. The employee must notify at least 3 months in advance and use the privilege within 3 years from the date of birth of the child. Employees who apply for parental leave will be able to work in the same position and receive the same salary when returning to work or can transfer to work in another position at the same salary rate to suit their changing family life.


Mr. Chris Wailes, Managing Director of Volvo Car (Thailand) Limited said, “Volvo wants our employees to know we are here to provide equal opportunities for all and support the role of parents. We understand the importance of balancing family life and work as well as reducing the gaps and disparities in work between men and women and people of all genders. In Thailand at present, leave rights to raise children is still a vacation in accordance with the labor law. Female employees are eligible for maternity leave in accordance with the law and social security requirements, but the Family Bond by Volvo Cars policy gives all employees equal rights. Moreover, this is not gender-specific and includes same-sex couples and LGBTQ groups, giving everyone more time to raise their children. The policy offers 24 weeks of parental leave while being paid 80% of the base salary. Female employees on maternity leave receive 45 days of maternity leave with 100% paid then they can continue the leave until 24 weeks with 80% paid. This policy is beneficial for many Volvo employees, from a mother who wishes to take a break to raise her newborn, to a father who wants to help his wife with some of the child-rearing workload. The policy also benefits those who are adopting or fostering children and it covers parents of all sexes, including LGBTQ groups, giving same-sex couples equal opportunities to raise a family. Being able to take parental leave from birth to age 3 years is an important time for both the child and parents, it is the foundation for the growth of children. It can be said that the Family Bond by Volvo Cars policy truly emphasizes our corporate culture, one that values people and believes in putting people first for a better society now and into the future.” concluded Mr. Chris Wailes



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