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Volvo Cars Thailand’s 2020 Sales Results show a growing demand from Thai

consumers for hybrid cars and the company will lead the charge to a clean

energy future with a 10-year electric vehicle business plan.

Volvo Cars Thailand’s 2020 results clearly indicate that plug-in hybrids are an increasingly popular trend among Thai consumers, with sales nearing 2,000 vehicles even in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic. Forecasts for 2021 show that vehicle sales are expected to grow by more than 30%, with the brand continuing to focus on the launch of new electric vehicles in line with Volvo International's 10-year business plan to become the world’s premium automotive brand focused on the environment and a sustainable future with clean energy vehicles. The business plan includes promoting car sales through online channels, expanding the Volvo Retail Experience (VRE) network of service centers and Volvo Selekt Approved Used Cars dealers, plus the hiring of more employees in Thailand to support future expansion.

Mr. Chris Wailes, Managing Director of Volvo Cars (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said, “The crisis of 2020 has had an effect on every business sector worldwide, including the automobile industry. At Volvo Cars Thailand we took immediate actions to ensure we could reduce the impact to our business, this included enhancing online communication channels and hygiene standards in all service centers, which in turn ensured a safe environment for our staff and customers and helped contribute to Volvo Cars Thailand selling nearly 2,000 plug-in hybrids, even with challenges placed upon us by the COVID-19 epidemic. These sales figures clearly show that Thai consumers are increasingly interested in alternative energy vehicles. Furthermore, as part of our continued commitment to providing unwavering standards of customer service, we are driving all Volvo showrooms to be 100% compliant with the Volvo Retail Experience standard, which provides added peace of mind and the highest standards of service at every Volvo showroom and workshop. All of these efforts are further proof that Volvo always puts people first."

Sales and performance for 2020

Over the course of 2020, Volvo Thailand has sold 1,824 new cars (down 13% from 2019) and divided into corporate customers 26%. Used car sales under the Volvo Selekt Approved Used Car was down by only 10%. When it comes to individual new car buyers, sales did not decrease much even during the crisis, which is a clear indication that consumers continue to believe in Volvo's performance and value.

Moreover, in 2020, Volvo Cars Thailand expanded its network to include 3 more partner showrooms with all showrooms and service centers operating in accordance with the uncompromising standards provided by the Volvo Retail Experience (VRE) every step of the way.

Best-selling model car of the year

The best-selling car in 2020 was the XC40 Compact SUV, which comes packed with state-of-the-art technology to provide an unforgettable driving experience for city people, this model accounted for 30% of total sales. In second place was the XC60, which was awarded the Best Hybrid SUV UNDER 2,000cc at the Car of the Year Awards 2020, accounting for 26% of total sales, and in third place was the V60 ultra-luxury family-class car delivered 16% of total sales. In addition, there is also the very eye-catching S60, a premium-grade sports sedan and one of Volvo's most cost-effective models. It was launched during the COVID-19 epidemic, but still sold hundreds of vehicles when booking opened.

Business model reform in 2021

Freedom to Move concept: Personal / Safe / Sustainable

Volvo Cars Thailand has actively modified its business to promote the use of clean energy vehicles and this year it will start selling only plug-in hybrids or electric vehicles. There will also be increased channels for the online distribution of our electric vehicles. A new Volvo Care package will also be introduced to provide buyers with a world-class electric vehicle experience. From this year onwards, Volvo Cars Thailand will continuously launch new electric vehicles and lead the way for a better motoring future. Volvo will also further expand its network of Volvo Selekt Approved Used Cars dealers.


Volvo Thailand business goals in 2021

Despite the overall picture of the global car market, there is still a modest growth trend this year, the company predicts that with a major reform of the business model Volvo Thailand will be able to increase its growth rate by more than 30%. And there is an increase in vehicle sales in both retail and corporate customers, especially the XC40 T5 Recharge and after the introduction of the complete electric car model XC40 Recharge Pure Electric. The company expects electric vehicles to continue to attract Thai consumers. This massive business overhaul has also resulted in a growing demand for manpower which will see Volvo increase the employment rate of new personnel in the near future.

In the second quarter of this year, Volvo Cars Thailand plans to engage with two new partners, official details will be announced soon.


10-year long-term plan towards a clean energy future

Volvo Thailand has set goals in line with Volvo Car Corporation's vision. That is, by 2025, 50% of Volvo's car sales will come from fully electric vehicles, and by 2030, all Volvo models will have to be fully electric vehicles.

“Volvo sees the future of the global automotive industry as electric power. And we aim to be the leader in this area. We are partnering with retailers to provide online distribution channels for electric vehicles, along with regular sales of other Volvo models in the showroom. This allows us to meet the needs of modern consumers who appreciate the convenience and ease of ordering products 24 hours a day, whether from home, work, or traveling to see the car themselves at one of our showrooms. Volvo Cars Thailand will also adopt a transparent pricing policy developed to offer the most cost-effective packages to all customers. When you add to this our continued commitment to the constant improvement of our services, both online and offline, we are confident that more consumers will choose our electric vehicles and join us on our journey to lead the charge to a more sustainable clean energy future.” added Mr. Chris Wailes


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