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Volvo Cars Thailand launches the first 100% electric SUV

in Thailand and ASEAN

The Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric

Advanced automotive engineering systems have reinvented what a vehicle can be to create the brand's first high-performance electric SUV.

Over the past 10 years, the global automotive industry has continued to talk about electric vehicles; but developing a new type of car that will inspire drivers demands extensive research and development. Volvo embraced the challenge and tasked its engineers and designers with creating the vehicles of the future.

In order to ensure maximum performance of a 100% electric vehicle, the engine structure, battery and charging system, and a myriad of other driving features need to work in harmony with the entire system. On the journey to a full-electric vehicle, plug-in hybrids were produced as part of the adoption of electric power. This new breed of car proved that this emerging technology could produce a smooth ride bringing the prospect of 100% electric even closer. But, creating a completely electric vehicle that is as efficient as a combustion vehicle was a monumental task, making the wait for the ideal car that would satisfy the needs of drivers and appeal to new car buyers longer than anticipated.

But the wait is over, at the 42nd International Motor Show in Bangkok this year Volvo Cars Thailand unveiled its latest automotive breakthrough to an eagerly awaiting world. The launch of the VOLVO XC40 RECHARGE PURE ELECTRIC heralded a new era for the brand, Volvo’s first 100% electric SUV and the first to launch in Thailand and ASEAN. This electric vehicle powerhouse delivers performance comparable to the world's top combustion vehicles and completely removes any limitations one may have expected of electric cars. The VOLVO XC40 RECHARGE PURE ELECTRIC generated a lot of buzz at the motor show and proved to real highlight.

Previously, one of the toughest challenges with electric vehicles was battery charging as it took considerable time and the charge would only last for short distances, but the VOLVO XC40 RECHARGE PURE ELECTRIC has changed the game entirely by installing a newly developed 78 kWh lithium-vapour battery that can run up to 400 kilometres on a full charge, according to WLTP testing standards. It can be charged from 0-100% in just 6-8 hours with a standard 11 kW (Wall-Box EV Changer), but it also offers a rapid charging option getting up to 80% in just 40 minutes.

Of course, Volvo didn’t only focus on mileage, as you would expect from the premium Swedish car brand agile performance and superior drivability were also key to developing a truly successful electric vehicle that could match normal cars. That’s why the VOLVO XC40 RECHARGE PURE ELECTRIC is equipped with two electric motors, an electric front axle drive (EFAD) and a rear axle drive (EFRD). It is an all-wheel-drive system that delivers a maximum power of 408 horsepower with a maximum torque of 660 Nm, can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 4.9 seconds and has a top speed of 180 km / h, with the added benefit of a smoother, more stable performance than a combustion engine.

Removing the combustion engine not only reduces the heat produced by a standard engine it also frees up more space, adding up to 31-litres of storage area under the hood. Another benefit is that there is now no need for a large grille at the front to cool the engine, giving Volvo’s designers the opportunity to reinvent what the front of a Volvo can look like, creating a look that defines the style the brand is renowned for.

And it wouldn’t be a Volvo if safety wasn’t one of the key elements of this vehicle, this first generation 100% electric car is packed with the same driving-assist features found in their other top-of-the-line models.

One of the most high-tech features of the VOLVO XC40 RECHARGE PURE ELECTRIC is a collaboration with Google to develop an application on the Android Automotive OS to allow drivers to use apps just like on their smartphones. Google Maps, Google Assistant, Spotify, and other third-party apps on Google Play operate by simply saying "Hey Google", ensuring no concentration is lost while driving. And, as you would expect, Volvo went that extra mile by installing the Volvo on Call application for controlling the car's operations via a smartphone, as well as quickly finding the location of the car if it is stolen, plus emergency assistance on-call 24 hours a day.

Scandinavian design a defining signature of Volvo and the VOLVO XC40 RECHARGE PURE ELECTRIC is no different, it embodies all the elegance and refinements fans of the brand have come to expect. With an eye-catching sporty and modern look featuring a new roof design, diffuser, and new alloy wheels this car espouses the luxury vehicle reputation Volvo is known for. There are 7 colour schemes to choose from Denim Blue Metallic, Black Stone, Crystal White Pearl, Fusion Red Metallic, Thunder Grey Metallic, Glacier Silver Metallic and the latest colour, Sage Green Metallic.

This is a vehicle sure to attract the new generation of consumers who care about the environment and want to embrace renewable energy on all fronts, and at an initial launch price of 2.59 million the VOLVO XC40 RECHARGE PURE ELECTRIC is also considered a smart investment choice.

The introduction of the VOLVO XC40 RECHARGE PURE ELECTRIC marks Volvo's first milestone in moving to a fully clean energy future. It is also setting a new standard for the global automotive industry with Volvo leading the way on the road to a sustainable driving future.


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