Child Safety, by Volvo

Knowledge saves lives

Lotta Jakobsson & Fredrik Heurlin - Senior Technical Leader at Volvo Cars Safety Centre and Technical Leader Interior Safety at Volvo Cars, talk about the unique insight that makes Volvo a leader in child safety.

A vision of safety for all


Our comprehensive manual "Children & Cars" provides all the information you need to keep children as safe as possible in your car. Find out about how to use child seats properly, and discover what Volvo Cars has learnt through decades of innovation and research.


Our recommendation for the use of the front passenger airbag for children has been updated, thanks to advances in airbag technology in recent years. Therefore, we have a new child safety recommendation for children travelling in the front passenger seat of Volvo cars.

First class travel for your child

We’re investigating a new way of making life easier and more comfortable for parents and child with our Excellence child seat concept. Created exclusively for the XC90 Excellence, our most luxurious model ever, this concept seat is rearward facing for optimum protection and provides exceptional safety, access and versatility.

Stylish. Safe. Our new child seats

Our new child seats combine everything we know about safety with beautiful Scandinavian design. Made with breathable 80 per cent natural wool fabrics for exceptional comfort, they are the most comfortable child seats we’ve ever made. With our child seats you get Volvo child safety wherever you go, whatever your car.

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