Sensor fields from Park Assist Pilot for parking camera

If the car is equipped with Parking assistance then the distance is shown in the 360° view with coloured fields for each sensor that registers an obstacle.

Sensor fields backwards and forwards

P5+6-1746-PAC Färgade sensorfält BAKåt
The screen can show coloured sensor fields on the car symbol1.
The fields for the front and reversing sensors change colour as the distance to the obstacle decreases — from yellow through orange to red.
Colours of front and reversing fieldsDistance in metres (feet)
Yellow0,6-1,5 (2,0-4,9)
Orange0,4-0,6 (1,3-2,0)
Red0-0,4 (0-1,3)

Sensor field to the sides

The side fields are only shown in orange.
Colour of side fieldsDistance in metres (feet)
Orange0-0,3 (0-1,0)
  1. 1 The figure is schematic - parts may vary depending on car model.

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