Activate/deactivate Automatic Speed Limiter

The automatic speed limiter function (ASL1) can be activated and deactivated as a supplement to the speed limiter (SL2).

Activate ASL

P5-1646-Knapp Automatisk fartbegränsare

The Speed Sign Assist button is located in the function view of the centre display.

To activate the automatic speed limiter:
Press the Speed Sign Assist button.
ASL is set in standby mode, a green indicator appears on the button, and the driver display shows a sign symbol in the centre of the speedometer.
Press the steering wheel button P5-1507-Symbol 5x3,5-CC rattknapp Centrum-V.
ASL is activated with the car’s current speed.


  • If the Automatic Speed Limiter function is activated, road sign information is shown in the driver display even if RSI is not activated.
  • To remove road sign information from the driver display, you must deactivate both Automatic Speed Limiter and RSI.
  • When the Automatic Speed Limiter function is activated but RSI is deactivated, no warnings are given from RSI. In this situation, settings for RSI cannot be adjusted either - to be able to adjust settings as well as receive warnings, RSI must be activated.

Deactivate ASL

To deactivate the automatic speed limiter:
Tap on the Speed Sign Assist button in the function view.
ASL is deactivated and the button's indication becomes GREY - SL is activated instead.


After switching from ASL to SL the car will no longer follow the signed speed limit but only the maximum speed stored in memory.
  1. 1 Automatic Speed Limiter
  2. 2 Speed Limiter

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