Filling washer fluid

Updated 07/23/2018
Washer fluid is used for cleaning the headlamps and windscreen. Washer fluid with antifreeze must be used when the temperature is under the freezing point.
P5-1617 S90 V90-Refiling washer fluid

Filling of washer fluid takes place in the reservoir with a blue cap.


When approx. 1 litre of washer fluid remains in the reservoir the message Washer fluidLevel low, refill is shown in the driver display together with the symbol .

Prescribed grade: Washer fluid recommended by Volvo - with frost protection during cold weather and below freezing point.


Use Volvo genuine washer fluid or equivalent with a recommended pH of between 6 and 8, in working dilution (e.g. 1:1 with neutral water).


Use washer fluid with antifreeze when the temperature is below freezing to avoid freezing in the pump, reservoir and hoses.


  • Cars with headlamp washing: 5.5 litres.
  • Cars without headlamp washing: 3.5 litres.

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