V90 Twin Engine

2019 Early

Filling fuel

The fuel tank is fitted with a coverless fuel filler system.

Refuelling the car at a petrol station

P5-1617-S90-capless fuel filler pipe
Fuel filling is performed in the following way.
Switch off the car and open the fuel filler flap.


After the fuel filler flap has been opened, refuelling must take place within about seven minutes. After this, the valve that was opened by pressing the button to open the fuel filler cap is closed, and it is no longer possible to refuel because the pump nozzle cuts out.

If the valve is closed before refuelling is complete - press the button again and wait until the driver display shows the message Fuel tank Ready for refuelling.

Choose fuel that is approved for use in the car. See information on approved fuels in the section on "Petrol".

Insert the pump nozzle in the fuel filler opening. The filler pipe has two opening caps. The pump nozzle must be pushed past both caps before refuelling is started.
Do not overfill the tank but fill until the pump nozzle cuts out the first time.
The tank is full.


Overfilled fuel in the tank can overflow in hot weather.

Topping up fuel from a fuel can

When filling with a fuel can, use the funnel located in the foam block under the floor hatch in the cargo area.

Open the fuel filler flap.
Insert the funnel in the fuel filler opening. The filler pipe has two opening caps. The funnel's pipe must be pushed past both caps before filling can be started.

Applies to cars with fuel-driven heater*

Never use the fuel-driven heater when the car is in a filling station area.

P5-1617-V90-fuel lid sticker
Decal on the inside of the fuel filler flap.
  1. * Option/accessory.

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