The vehicle is equipped with several safety systems that work together to protect the vehicle's driver and passengers in the event of an accident.

The car is equipped with a number of sensors that react in the event of an accident and activate different safety systems, such as different types of airbags and seatbelt tensioners. Depending on the specific accident situation, such as collisions at different angles, rollover or driving off the road, the systems react in different ways to provide the best protection.

There are also mechanical safety systems such as Whiplash Protection System. The car is also constructed so that a large part of the force of a collision is distributed to beams, pillars, floor, roof and other parts of the body.

The car's safety mode may be activated after a collision if an important function in the car has been damaged.

Warning symbol in driver display

P5-1507 Symbol SRS indicator

The warning symbol is illuminated in the driver display when the car's electrical system is set in ignition position II. The symbol is extinguished after approx. 6 seconds if the car's safety system is fault-free.


If the warning symbol remains illuminated or is switched on during driving and the message SRS airbagService urgent Drive to workshop is shown in the driver display, it means that part of one of the safety systems does not have full functionality. Volvo recommends that an authorised Volvo workshop should be contacted as soon as possible.

P5-1507 Symbol General red

If the specific warning symbol is broken then the general warning symbol is illuminated instead and the driver display shows the same message.

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