2019 Early

Cleaning the interior

Only use cleaning agents and car care products recommended by Volvo. Clean regularly and treat stains at once for best results. Vacuuming is important prior to using cleaning agents.


  • Certain items of coloured clothing (e.g. dark jeans and suede garments) may stain the upholstery. If this occurs, it is important to clean and treat these parts of the upholstery as soon as possible.
  • Never use strong solvents such as washer fluid, pure petrol or white spirit or concentrated alcohol to clean the interior, since this may damage the upholstery as well as other interior materials.
  • Never spray the cleaning agent directly onto components that have electrical buttons and controls. Wipe them instead using a moistened cloth containing the cleaning agent.
  • Sharp objects and Velcro may damage the fabric upholstery.

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