Limitations of Parking assistance*

The Parking assistance function may have limitations in certain situations.


When a towbar is configured with the car's electrical system, the protrusion of the towbar is included when the function measures the parking space.


Objects e.g. chains, thin glossy poles or low barriers may be in the "signal shadow" and are then temporarily not detected by the sensors - the pulsating tone may then unexpectedly stop instead of changing over to the expected constant tone.

The sensors cannot detect high objects, such as projecting loading docks.

  • In such situations, pay extra attention and manoeuvre/reposition the car particularly slowly or stop the current parking manoeuvre - there may be a high risk of damage to vehicles or other objects since the sensors are temporarily unable to function optimally.


In certain conditions the parking assistance system may produce incorrect warning signals that are caused by external sound sources that emit the same ultrasonic frequencies that the system works with.

Examples of such sources include horns, wet tyres on asphalt, pneumatic brakes and exhaust noises from motorcycles, etc.


P5-1507-PAP Sensorplacering BirdView
Location of parking sensors.

For parking assistance to work optimally, the parking assistance sensors must be cleaned regularly with water and car shampoo.


Dirt, ice and snow covering the sensors may cause incorrect warning signals.
  1. * Option/accessory.