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Exterior cleaning

Automatic car wash

Updated 11/9/2020

Automatic car wash

The car should be washed as soon as it becomes dirty. The longer the car is left dirty, the more difficult it will be to get it completely clean and there is a risk of scratching the paintwork.

Washing the car in an automatic car wash is a simple and quick way of getting it clean, but it cannot reach everywhere. Volvo recommends washing your car by hand or using an automatic car wash supplemented with washing by hand.


Volvo recommends that the car is not washed in an automatic car wash during the first few months (this is because the paintwork has not fully hardened).


Before driving the car into an automatic car wash, deactivate the functions for automatic braking when stationary and automatic parking brake application. If these functions are not deactivated, the brake system will jam when the car is stationary and the car will not be able to move.


For car washes where the car is pulled forward with rolling wheels, the following applies:

  1. Before washing the car, make sure that the automatic rain sensor is deactivated, otherwise there is the risk of it starting and damaging the wiper arms.
  2. Make sure that the door mirrors are retracted, any auxiliary lamps secured, antennas retracted or removed, otherwise they risk being damaged by the automatic car wash.
  3. Drive into the car wash.
  4. Switch off the "Automatic braking at standstill" function using the button on the tunnel console.
  5. Switch off the "Automatic parking brake application" function via the top view of the centre display.
  6. Switch off the engine by turning the start knob in the tunnel console clockwise. Hold the knob in place for at least 2 seconds.

The car is ready for the car wash.


The system will automatically switch to P mode unless the above step is followed. The wheels are locked in P mode, which they should not be when putting the car through an automatic car wash.


Be aware that if the car has the keyless locking and unlocking function*, the car can be locked/unlocked when the car is being washed if the remote control key is within range.

Test the brakes


Always test the brakes after washing the car, including the parking brake, to ensure that moisture and corrosion do not attack the brake linings and reduce braking performance.

Depress the brake pedal now and then while driving long distances in rain or slush. The friction heat means that the brake linings heat up and dry out. Do the same after starting in very damp or cold weather.

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