Storage and passenger compartment

Passenger compartment interior

Updated 12/6/2019

Passenger compartment interior

Overview of the passenger compartment's interior and storage locations.

Front seat

P5-1917-S/V60-Interior storage, front seat

Storage compartment in the door panel, glovebox and sun visor.

P5-1817-S/V60-Tunnel console storage

Storage spaces with cup holder, electrical socket and USB port in the tunnel console.

Rear seat

P5-1817-S/V60-Interior storage, back seat

Storage compartment in the door panel, cup holder* in the centre seat backrest, storage pocket* on the front seat backrest and also electrical sockets in the tunnel console.


Keep loose objects such as mobile phones, cameras, remote controls for accessories, etc. in the glove compartment or other compartments. Otherwise they may injure people in the car in the event of sudden braking or a collision.


Keep in mind that high gloss surfaces, for example, are easily scratched by metal objects. Do not place keys, phones and other items on sensitive surfaces.

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