Wiper blades and washer fluid

Replacing windscreen wiper blades

Updated 12/6/2019

Replacing windscreen wiper blades

The wiper blades sweep water away from the windscreen. Together with washer fluid, they aim to clean the windscreen and ensure visibility while driving. The wiper blades can be replaced.

P5-1717-XC60+XC60 Hybrid-Change wiperblades windscreen

Fold up the wiper arm when it is in service position. Service position is activated/deactivated via the function view in the centre display when the car is stationary and the windscreen wipers are not on.

Set the wiper blade in removal position by angling it out from the arm until a click sound can be heard.

Press and hold the lock button located on the wiper blade mounting.

At the same time, pull the blade straight out parallel with the wiper arm.

Slide in the new wiper blade until the lock button engages.

Angle the blade in towards the arm until a click sound is heard. The blade is then no longer in the removal position and can be moved again.

Check that the wiper blade is firmly installed.

Fold the wiper arm back towards the windscreen.

The wiper blades are different lengths

P5-1507-Wiper blades diffrent length


When replacing the wiper blades, note that they have different lengths. The blade on the driver's side is longer than on the passenger side.

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