Cruise control

Cruise control* - resume set speed

Updated 7/23/2018

The cruise control (CC – Cruise Control) helps the driver to maintain an even speed.

After temporary deactivation and standby mode it is possible to resume the set speed.

Steering wheel keypad and combined instrument panel.

Steering wheel keypad and combined instrument panel.

Cruise control - On/Off.
Standby mode ceases and the stored speed is resumed.
Standby mode
Activate and adjust the speed.
Selected speed (GREY = Standby mode).
Cruise control active - WHITE symbol (GREY = Standby mode).

To reactivate the cruise control from standby mode:

  • Press the steering wheel button .
> The combined instrument panel's marking (5) and symbol (6) change colour from GREY to WHITE - the car then follows the last stored speed.


A marked speed increase may occur once the speed has been resumed by selecting the button.

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