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Windscreen and headlamp washers

Updated 7/23/2018

Windscreen and headlamp washers clean the windscreen and headlamps. Washing/wiping is started by means of the right-hand stalk switch.

Starting windscreen and headlamp washers

P5-1617- S90 Windshield washing

Washing function, right-hand stalk switch.

Move the right-hand stalk switch toward the steering wheel to start the windscreen and headlamp washers.

The windscreen wipers will make several more sweeps once the stalk switch has been released.


Avoid activating the washer system when it is frozen or the washer reservoir is empty, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the pump.

Heated washer nozzles*

The washer nozzles are heated automatically in cold weather to prevent the washer fluid from freezing.

Headlamp washing*

To save fluid, the headlamps are washed automatically at every fifth windscreen wash cycle.

Reduced washing

If only approx. 1 litre of washer fluid remains in the reservoir and the message Washer fluidLevel low, refill, together with the symbol, is shown in the driver display, then the supply of washer fluid to the headlamps is switched off. This is in order to prioritise cleaning the windscreen and the visibility through it.

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