Car care

Paint damage

Updated 7/23/2018

Paint is an important part of the car's rustproofing and should therefore be checked regularly. The most common types of paintwork damage are stone chips, scratches, and marks on the edges of wings, doors and bumpers.

Colour code

The colour code label is located on the car's door pillar and becomes visible when the right-hand rear door is opened.

P5-1507-VIN label with 1 annotation for color code, not China and Saudi Arabia
Exterior colour code
Any secondary exterior colour code

It is important that the correct colour is used.

Touching up minor paintwork damage

To avoid the onset of rust, damaged paintwork should be rectified immediately.

Materials that may be needed

  • Primer

    If required.

    - a special adhesive primer in a spray can is available for e.g. plastic-coated bumpers.
  • Basecoat and clearcoat - available in spray cans or as touch-up pens/sticks

    Follow the instructions that are included with the package for the touch-up pen/stick.

  • Masking tape.
  • fine sand paper

    If required.


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