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Maintenance and service

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Replacing a wiper blade

The wiper blades sweep water away from the windscreen and rear window. Together with the washer fluid they clean the windows and ensure visibility for driving. Windscreen and rear window wiper blades can be replaced.


Data transmission between car and workshop

The time required for a booked visit to a Volvo workshop can be shortened by transmitting troubleshooting data as soon as the car stops at the workshop. The data can be transmitted most conveniently by selecting the option Automatically connect when I arrive in settings view in the centre display.


Book service and repair

Manage service, repair and booking information directly from your online car. The information is handled in the Car status app, which is opened from the app view in the centre display.

System updates

System updates are intended for the Internet-connected and infotainment components of the car. If system software updates are available, the updates can be made all at once or one at a time.

Servicing the climate control system

The air conditioning system must only be serviced and repaired by an authorised workshop.

Remote updates

Several of the car's systems can be updated from the centre display with an online car.

Opening and closing the bonnet

The bonnet can be opened using the handle in the passenger compartment and a handle under the bonnet.

Wiper blades in service position

The windscreen wiper blades must be in service position when, for example, they are to be replaced.

Car status

The car's general status can be shown in the centre display along with the opportunity to book service.

Raise the car

When raising the car it is important that the car jack or the workshop/garage jack is fitted to the intended points on the car’s underbody.

Volvo service programme

To keep the car as safe and reliable as possible, follow the Volvo service programme as specified in the Service and Warranty Booklet.