Setting types in the centre display

Updated 7/23/2018

Different types of setting are changed in different ways. See the table for a description of the various types of setting.

Setting types

Setting type


Trigger function

Starts an app or separate view for more advanced settings through a press on the text, e.g. to connect a device with Bluetooth®.

Radio button

Select a setting from several options by pressing the required radio button, e.g. to select a system language.

Multi-selector button

Select a level for something by pressing the required part of the button, e.g. to select a sensitivity level for City Safety.


Activate/deactivate a function by pressing on the box to select/deselect it, e.g. to select automatic start of seat heating.


Select a level for something within an interval by pressing and dragging the slider, e.g. to select volume level.

Display of information

No actual setting. Shows information about something, e.g. the car's identification number.

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