Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision risk warning

Updated 7/23/2018
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Audio and symbol for collision warningNOTE: The illustration is schematic - details may vary depending on car model..

Acoustic warning signal in the event of a risk of collision
Warning signal in the event of a risk of collision
Distance measurement with the camera and radar unit

Adaptive Cruise Control uses approx. 40% of the capacity of the foot brake. If the car needs to be braked more heavily than the adaptive cruise control is capable of and the driver does not brake, the warning lamp and acoustic warning are activated to alert the driver that immediate intervention is required.


The adaptive cruise control only warns of vehicles which its radar unit has detected - hence a warning may not be given, or it may be given with a certain delay.

  • Never wait for a warning. Apply the brakes when the situation requires.

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