Park assist camera

Sensor fields from Park Assist Pilot for parking camera

Updated 7/23/2018

If the car is equipped with Parking assistance then the distance is shown in the 360° view with coloured fields for each sensor that registers an obstacle.

Sensor fields backwards and forwards

P5+6-1746-PAC Färgade sensorfält BAKåt

The screen can show coloured sensor fields on the car symbolThe figure is schematic - parts may vary depending on car model..

The fields for the front and reversing sensors change colour as the distance to the obstacle decreases — from yellow through orange to red.

Colours of front and reversing fields

Distance in metres (feet)


0,6-1,5 (2,0-4,9)


0,4-0,6 (1,3-2,0)


0-0,4 (0-1,3)

Sensor field to the sides

The side fields are only shown in orange.

Colour of side fields

Distance in metres (feet)


0-0,3 (0-1,0)

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