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Personal information and Volvo On Call*

Updated 7/23/2018

Personal data that are processed in connection with the Volvo On Call service.

Volvo's sales companies, see table below, and Volvo Car Corporation are responsible for the personal data processed in connection with the service. All processing is performed in accordance with good practice and current legislation with regard to the processing of personal data.


Sales companies


Volvo Car Belux


Volvo Car Denmark A/S


Volvo Car UK Ltd


Volvo Car Finland Oy Ab


Volvo Car France


Volvo Car Hellas


Volvo Car Italia S.p.A.


Volvo Cars Nederland B.V.


Volvo Car Norway AS


Volvo Car Poland Sp. z o.o.


Volvo Car Portugal S.A.


Volvo Car Russia


Volvo Car Switzerland AG


Volvo Car España S.L.U.


Volvo Car Sweden AB

Czech Republic

Volvo Car Czech Republic s.r.o.


Volvo Car Turkey Otomobil Ltd.Şti.


Volvo Car Germany GmbH


Volvo Car Russia


Volvo Autó Hungária Kft.


Volvo Car Austria GmbH

Purpose of the data processing

Personal data are used by Volvo with cooperating partners, both within and outside the EU/EEA, in order to provide and develop the service.

What personal data are processed?

The personal information that is processed with regard to Volvo On Call comprises mainly of the following three categories.

  • Personal data that the customer provides in connection with activation of the Volvo On Call and in other contacts with Volvo such as name, address, phone number, type of service and its duration.
  • Information is sent automatically from the vehicle when a certain event covered by Volvo On Call occurs. This type of message contains vehicle ID (VIN), the time when the service is used, type of service, whether the airbags have been deployed, whether the seatbelt tensioners have been deployed, current amount of fuel, current temperature inside and outside the vehicle, whether doors and windows are locked or opened as well as the vehicle's last six locations.
  • Other information that can be linked to the customer includes phone calls with people in the vehicle, the service centre that supplied the service and records created by the service centre operator.

Who may have access to the personal data?

Volvo uses subcontractors in order to provide the service. These subcontractors work on behalf of Volvo and may only process personal data to the extent required in order to provide the service. All subcontractors are bound by agreements requiring them to observe confidentiality and to treat personal data in accordance with current legislation.

Screening procedures

The personal data required to supply the Volvo On Call service are stored during the agreement period and thereafter for as long as required in order for Volvo to fulfil its obligations in accordance with the law and other statutes. Data generated during events covered by Volvo On Call are deleted three months after the event occurred.

Correction and extracts from the register

Private individuals are entitled to request that inaccurate information be corrected and to obtain extracts from the register that show what personal data are being processed. To correct personal data, please contact Volvo's customer service. A request for an extract from the register must be made in writing and be signed by the applicant, and include information on name, address and customer number. The request must be sent to Volvo Personvagnar AB, Data Protection Officer, Dept. 50090, HB3S, 405 31 Göteborg, Sweden.

Consent to the processing of personal data

By activating the subscription in accordance with what is stated in the instructions in this document, the user agrees to the processing of personal data that is carried out in connection with the Volvo On Call service.

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