Volvo On Call services

Connect the car to the Internet via car modem (SIM card)

Updated 7/23/2018

For cars equipped with Volvo On Call*, it is possible to establish an Internet connection via the car modem and a personal SIM card (P-SIM).

When the car is connected to the Internet via the car modem, Volvo On Call services will use this connection.

P5-1617-SIM card placement

Fit a personal SIM card into the holder under the cargo area floor.

Press Settings in the top view.

Press CommunicationCar Modem Internet.

Activate/deactivate by ticking/unticking the box for Car modem Internet.

If another connection source has been used in the past - confirm the option to change connection.

Enter the SIM card's PIN code.

The car connects to the network.

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