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MY CAR - System options

Updated 1/31/2020

MY CAR - System options

The system settings menu option in the MY CAR menu source handles functions such as e.g. time and languages.

System options

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Time settings

The combined instrument panel's clock is adjusted here.

24 hour clockOnOff
Summer timeAutoOnOff
Auto timeOnOff

Selects language for texts in the screen and the combined instrument panel.

Language: Driver display

Selects language for texts in the combined instrument panel.

Distance and fuel unitsMPG(US)MPG(UK)km/ll/100km
Temperature unitCelsiusFahrenheit

Selects the unit for the display of outside temperature and setting of the climate control system.

Screen saverOnOff

The screen's current content fades out after a period of inactivity and is replaced by a blank screen if this option is selected.

The current screen content returns if any of the screen's buttons or controls are actuated.

Show help textOnOff

Explanatory text for the screen's current content is shown with this option selected.

Reset system options

All menus in System options are given original factory settings.

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