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MY CAR - vehicle settings

Updated 1/31/2020

MY CAR - vehicle settings

The vehicle settings menu option in the MY CAR menu source handles many of the car's functions, e.g. car key memory and lock settings for doors.

Vehicle settings

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Car key memoryOnOff
Lock settings

Automatic door lockingOnOff
Doors unlockAll doorsDriver door, then all
Keyless entry unlockAll doors unlockAny doorDoors on same sideBoth front doors
Audible confirmationOnOff
Door lock confirmation lightOnOff
Unlock confirmation lightOnOff
Reduced Guard

Activate reduced guardOnOff
Ask when exitingOnOff
Side mirror settings

Fold mirrors when lockingOnOff
Tilt left mirror on reverse gearOnOff
Tilt right mirror on reverse gearOnOff
Light settings

Interior lightFloor lightsAmbiance lightsAmbiance colours
Approach light durationOff30 sec60 sec90 sec
Home safe light durationOff30 sec60 sec90 sec
Triple indicatorOnOff
Daytime running lightsOnOff
Active bending lightsOnOff
Auxiliary LightsOnOff
Active main beamOnOff
Tyre monitor

Calibrate tyre pressure
Steering force levelLowMediumHigh
Speed in infotainment displayOnOff

Reset vehicle settings

All menus in Vehicle settings are given original factory settings.

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