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Practical information on Volvo On Call

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Standby battery for Volvo On Call*

If the car is unpowered, the main battery is replaced by the Volvo On Call standby battery.

Volvo On Call* abroad

Volvo On Call services may vary when driving between countries.

Getting started with Volvo On Call*

The following requirements apply to get started with Volvo On Call.

Phone number for the Volvo On Call* service centre

PIN code for Volvo On Call*

For security reasons, a PIN code is used to identify that a person is authorised to perform Volvo On Call services in a certain car.

Volvo On Call* services per market

The market types in which Volvo On Call services are available are presented below.

Volvo On Call* message in the display

Volvo On Call automatically shows the information messages if necessary.

Buying or selling a car with Volvo On Call*

In the event of change of ownership of a car it is important to change the owner of the Volvo On Call service.

Volvo On Call* availability

The Volvo On Call system's functions are available a certain time after the remote control key has been removed.

Volvo On Call* markets

The market types which have Volvo On Call are listed below. Not all services are available due to market type. The services that are available per market are described separately and are shown in the description of each service.

Menu options with Volvo On Call*

Overview of possible options and settings in the Volvo On Call system's menu.

Personal data and Volvo On Call*

Personal data that are processed in connection with the Volvo On Call service.