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Remote heater start* via SMS

Updated 7/23/2018

Cars equipped with fuel-driven engine block heater and passenger compartment heater in combination with Volvo On Call offer the same setting options for the heater as inside the car using a normal mobile phone. It is possible to configure the timer settings by sending the desired setting using a mobile phone, see remote heater start.

Being able to control the heater in the car with your mobile phone means effortless operation of the heater, increasing the comfort experience at a cost of an SMS.

The heater function has two times, in the description called T1 and T2. These show when the car has reached the set temperature. In order that only the authorised user is able to control the heater, the SMS message must contain the car's registration numberThe registration number can contain both uppercase and lowercase letters. followed by the Volvo On Call system's PIN code.

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