Remote start (ERS) - operation

Updated 7/23/2018

Remote start (ERS – Engine Remote Start) means that the car's engine can be started remotely in order to warm up/cool down the passenger compartment before departure. ERS is activated via key and/or via Volvo On Call*, see Volvo On Call app.

P3-1346-Fjärrnyckel fjärrstart (ERS)

The key's buttons for remote start.

Approach lighting
Unlocking, tailgate

Remote starting the engine

To be able to remotely start the engine the car must be locked and the bonnet closed.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Briefly press on the key's button (2).
  2. Follow this immediately afterwards with a long press - at least 2 seconds - on button (3).

If the conditions for remote start are fulfilled then the following takes place:

  1. The direction indicators flash quickly several times.
  2. The engine starts.
  3. The direction indicators illuminate with a constant glow for 3 seconds to verify that the engine has started.


After remote starting, the car continues to be locked but with deactivated movement detector*.

With PCC

For more information on the PCC key, see Remote control key with PCC - unique functions.


P3-1220-Fjärrnyckel Symbol

The light indication for Approach lightingFor more information on Approach lighting, see Remote control key - functions and Approach lighting. flashes a few times when the button is pressed and then changes over to constant glow if all criteria for remote start have been fulfilled. However, this does not mean that remote start has started the engine.

To check whether remote start has started the engine, the user can press the button (5) - if the engine has started, there is a light indication by the buttons (2) and (3).

Active functions

The following functions are activated with a remote started engine:

  • Climate control system
  • Audio/video system
  • Approach lighting.

Deactivated functions

The following functions are deactivated with a remote started engine:

  • headlamps
  • Position lamps
  • Number plate lighting
  • Windscreen wiper.

Remote start is stopped

The following steps switch off a remote-started engine:

  • The remote control key's button (1), (2) or (4) is depressed
  • The car is unlocked
  • A door is opened
  • Accelerator pedal or brake pedal is depressed
  • The gear selector is moved out of P position
  • Active remote start time exceeds 15 minutes.

When a remote-started engine is switched off, the direction indicators illuminate with a constant glow for 3 seconds.

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