Manual locking of the door

Updated 7/23/2018

In certain situations the car must be lockable manually, e.g. in the event of power failure.

The left-hand front door can be locked with its lock cylinder and the remote control key's detachable key blade, see Keyless Drive - unlocking with the key blade .

Other doors do not have lock cylinders and instead have lock knobs on each door's end face which must be re-turned - then they are mechanically locked/blocked against opening from the outside. The doors can still be opened from the inside.

P3-sv60/V60H Bakdörr mekanisk låsning

Manual locking of the door. Not to be mixed up with child safety locks.

Use the remote control key's detachable key blade to turn the knob, see Detachable key blade - detaching/attaching.

The door is blocked against opening from the outside.
The door can be opened from both the outside and the inside.


  • A door's knob control only locks that particular door - not all doors simultaneously.
  • A manually locked rear door with an activated manual child safety lock cannot be opened from either the outside or the inside, see Child safety locks - manual activation. A rear door that is locked in this way can only be unlocked with the remote control key or central locking button.

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