Driving with a trailer

Detachable towbar* - attachment/removal

Updated 7/23/2018

The attachment/removal of the detachable towbar is performed in the following way:


P3 V60H y2 Krokkåpa AV

Remove the protective cover by first pressing in the catch and then pulling the cover straight back .

p3007 dragkrok, ditsättning kuldel 2

Ensure that the mechanism is in the unlocked position by turning the key clockwise.

3007 dragkrok, ditsättning kuldel 3

The indicator window must show red.

p3007 dragkrok, ditsättning kuldel 4

Insert the towbar until you hear a click.

p3007 dragkrok, ditsättning kuldel 5

The indicator window must show green.

p3007 dragkrok, ditsättning kuldel 6

Turn the key anticlockwise to locked position. Remove the key from the lock.

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Check that the towbar is secure by pulling it up, down and back.


If the towbar is not fitted correctly then it must be detached and reattached in accordance with the previous instructions.


Only grease in the ball for the towing hitch, the remainder of the towbar should be clean and dry.


When a hitch with a vibration damper is used, the towball must not be lubricated.

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Safety cable.


Take care to secure the trailer's safety cable in the intended bracket.

Removing the towbar

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Insert the key and turn it clockwise to the unlocked position.

p3007 dragkrok, borttagning kuldel 2

Push in the locking wheel and turn it anticlockwise until you hear a click.

p3007 dragkrok, borttagning kuldel 3

Turn the locking wheel down fully, until it comes to a stop. Hold it in this position while pulling the towbar rearward and upward.


Secure the towbar safely if it is stored in the car, see Detachable towbar - storage.

P3 V60H y2 Krokkåpa PÅ

Push the protective cover until it snaps tight.

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