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2016 Late

Controls - miscellaneous

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Bonnet - opening and closing

The bonnet can be opened when the handle by the pedals has been pulled backward and the lock by the radiator grille has been moved to the left.

Heating* of the steering wheel

The steering wheel can be heated with electric heating.

Rearview mirror - interior

The interior rearview mirror can be dimmed with a control in the mirror's lower edge. Alternatively, the rearview mirror dims automatically.

Windows and rearview and door mirrors - heating

The defroster is used to quickly remove misting and ice from the windscreen, rear window and door mirrors.


Door mirrors

The door mirror positions are adjusted with the joystick in the driver's door controls.

Switch for gas operation*

For cars with the Bi-Fuel engine alternative there is a switch to change between gas operation (CNG - Compressed Natural Gas) and petrol operation. This is located by the centre console.

Power windows

All power windows can be operated using the control panel for the driver's door - the control panels for the other doors operate their respective power window.


The sunroof can be operated with a control in the roof panel. The sunroof's inner sunscreen is closed manually. The sunroof has a wind deflector.

Steering wheel

The steering wheel can be adjusted in different positions and has controls for horn and cruise control, as well as menu, audio and phone control.


Wipers and washers

Wipers and washers clean the windscreen and rear window. The headlamps are cleaned with high-pressure washing.