Volvo ID

Updated 7/23/2018

Volvo ID is your personal ID that provides access to various servicesThe services available may vary over time and vary depending on equipment level and market..

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Examples of services:

  • My Volvo - Your personal web page for you and your car.
  • In an Internet-connected car* - Certain functions and services require that you have registered your car to a personal Volvo ID, for example to be able to send a new address from a map service on the Internet directly to the car.
  • Volvo On Call, VOC* - Volvo ID is used when logging in to the Volvo On Call mobile app.

Advantages of Volvo ID

  • One user name and one password to access online services, i.e. only one username and one password to remember.
  • When changing the username/password for a service (e.g. VOC) it will also be changed automatically for other services (e.g. My Volvo)

Create a Volvo ID

To create a Volvo ID you need to enter a personal e-mail address. Then follow the instructions in the e-mail message that is automatically sent to the specified address in order to complete the registration. It is possible to create a Volvo ID via one of the following services:

  • My Volvo - Enter your e-mail address and follow the instructions.
  • For an Internet-connected car* - Enter your e-mail address in the app that requires Volvo ID and follow the instructions. Alternatively, press the Connect button in the centre console twice and select AppsSettings and follow the instructions.
  • Volvo On Call, VOC* - Download the latest version of the VOC app. Choose to create a Volvo ID from the start page, enter e-mail address and follow the instructions.

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