Cargo area

Cargo cover

Updated 7/23/2018

Pull the cargo cover over the load and hook it into the recesses at the cargo area's rear posts.


The protective grille cannot be folded up or down when the cargo cover is fitted.

Attaching the cargo cover

Move one end piece of the cover into the recess on the side panel.

Move the other end piece into the corresponding recess.

Press both sides in. A "click" should be audible and the red marking should disappear.

Check that both end pieces are locked.

Removing the cargo cover

Press in one end piece button and lift it out.

Carefully angle the cover up/out and the other end piece loosens automatically.

Lowering the cargo cover's rear sealing disc

In its rolled-in position, the cargo cover's rear sealing disc protrudes horizontally into the cargo area when it is fitted.

Pull the sealing disc back gently, free from its support shelves, and lower.

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