Power operated tailgate*

Updated 7/23/2018

The car's tailgate can be opened using a button on the lighting panel, with the rubberised pressure plate under the outside handle or with the remote control key. Closing takes place using the close button at the bottom of the tailgate.

Close button

Close button


Consider the roof height when using electrical operation. Do not use electrical operation of the tailgate under a low roof height, see under the heading "Interrupt opening/closing of tailgate".


  • If the system has been operating continuously for a long time, it is switched off to avoid overload. It can be used again after about 2 minutes.
  • If the battery has been discharged or disconnected then the tailgate must be opened and closed again to reset the system.

Programmable max. opening

The maximum opening height of the tailgate can be adjusted, e.g. to suit a low ceiling height in a garage.


To adjust max. opening:

Open the tailgate - stop it in the open position.

Press the button on the underside of the tailgate for at least 3 seconds.

The stored position is thereby saved.


To reset max. opening:

Manually move the tailgate to its highest possible position - press the button on the tailgate for at least 3 seconds.

The reset is complete. The tailgate will then assume its max. position when opened.

Pinch protection

If something with sufficient resistance prevents the tailgate from opening/closing then the pinch protection is activated.

  • During opening - power tailgate operation is deactivated and the tailgate stops.
  • When closing - the tailgate stops and backs off from the obstacle a couple of centimetres.


Observe the risk of trapping when opening/closing. Before starting opening/closing, check that there is nobody near to the tailgate as trapping may have serious consequences.

Always operate the tailgate with caution.


Do not open the pre-tensioned springs for the power operated tailgate. They are pre-tensioned with high pressure and can cause injury if opened.

Opening the tailgate

The tailgate can be opened three ways (two of which involve this button):

  • Long press on the button in the lighting panel - hold the button depressed until the tailgate starts to open.
  • Long press on the button on the remote control key - hold the button depressed until the tailgate starts to open.
  • Push down gently on the rubberised pressure plate under the outer handle.

Closing the tailgate

Close using this button on the tailgate or manually.

  • Press the button – the tailgate closes automatically.

Stop the opening/closing of the tailgate

This can be done four ways (of which three involve this button):

  • Press the lighting panel button
  • Press the remote control key button
  • Press the tailgate's button
  • Press the rubberised pressure plate beneath the outside handle.

- The tailgate's movement is interrupted and it stops.

Manual tailgate operation


During manual tailgate operation, open or close it slowly. Do not use force to open/close it if there is resistance. It may be damaged and stop working correctly.

The system is disengaged if the opening/closing sequence is interrupted in accordance with the preceding section.

  • The tailgate can then be operated manually.

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