PCC – Personal Car Communicator

Remote control key with PCC* - unique functions

Updated 7/23/2018

A remote control key with PCC (Personal Car Communicator) has enhanced functionality compared with a remote control key in basic version in the form of an information button and indicator lamps.

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Remote control key with PCC.

Remote control key with PCC.

Information button
Indicator lamps

Using the information button enables access to certain information from the car via the indicator lamps.

Using the information button

Press the information button .

All indicator lamps flash for approximately 7 seconds and the light travels around on the remote control key. This indicates that information from the car is being scanned.

If any of the other buttons are pressed during this time then the reading is interrupted.


If none of the indicator lamps illuminates with repeated use of the information button and in different locations (as well as after 7 seconds and after the light has travelled around on the PCC), contact a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

Indicator lamps display information in accordance with the following illustration:

Green continuous light – the car is locked.
Yellow continuous light – the car is unlocked.
Red continuous light – the alarm has been triggered since the car was locked.
Red light flashing alternately in both indicator lamps – The alarm was triggered less than 5 minutes ago.

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