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Starting and driving

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Eco guide & Power guide*

Eco guide and Power guide are two combined instrument panel instruments which help the driver to drive the car with optimum driving economy. The car also stores statistics of journeys made, which can be viewed in the form of a block diagram; see Trip computer - trip statistics.

Steering lock

The steering lock makes steering difficult if the car is e.g. taken unlawfully. A mechanical noise may be noticed when the steering lock unlocks or locks.

Hill start assist (HSA)*

The foot brake can be released before setting off or reversing uphill - the HSA (Hill Start Assist) function means that the car does not roll backwards.

Switch for gas operation*

For cars with the Bi-Fuel engine alternative there is a switch to change between gas operation (CNG - Compressed Natural Gas) and petrol operation. This is located by the centre console.

All-wheel drive - (AWD)*

Optimal traction is achieved with all-wheel drive.

Jump starting with battery

If the starter battery is discharged then the car can be started with current from another battery.


Switching off the engine

The engine is switched off using the START/STOP ENGINE button.


Starting the engine

The engine is started and switched off using the remote control key and the START/STOP ENGINE button.