V90 Cross Country


Towbar and trailer

Low speed control

Updated 7/9/2020

Low speed control

The low speed control function Low Speed Control (LSC) facilitates and improves traction for driving off-road and on slippery surfaces, such as with a caravan on grass or a boat trailer on a launch ramp.

In a car with drive mode control*, the function is included in the Off Road drive mode.

The function is adapted for off-road driving and driving with a trailer at low speed, up to approx. 40 km/h (25 mph).

With low-speed control, low gears and all-wheel drive are prioritised, which help to avoid wheelspin and provides better traction on all wheels. The accelerator pedal is less responsive in order to facilitate traction and speed control at low speed.

The function is activated together with Hill Descent Control (HDC) which means that speed down steep hills can be controlled with the accelerator pedal, reducing the need to use the brake pedal. The system facilitates a low and even speed while driving on steep downhill gradients.


When LSC with HDC is activated, the feel of the accelerator pedal and engine response are changed.


The driving mode is not designed to be used on public roads.


The function is deactivated when driving at higher speeds and must be reactivated at a lower speed, if required.

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