Centre display

Overview of centre display

Updated 6/27/2022

Overview of centre display

Many of the car's functions are controlled from the centre display. Presented here is the centre display and its options.

Home view

iCup-2037-Overview of the home view

Home view is the first view that is shown when the screen is started.

Home view consists of four tiles that show the most recently used apps. The different views in the centre display such as climate view, camera view, app view, and notification view can also be reached from the home view.

Camera view

iCup-2037-Camera view center display

Camera view shows the park assist cameras (PACPark Assist Camera), which displays a composite 360° view and separate views for each of the four cameras: rear, front, left or right camera view.

App view

iCup-2037-App pane

The view for apps that have been downloaded (third-party apps) or for the car's built-in functions.


If necessary, the climate control can be used to cool the media system in the centre display. In these cases, the message Cooling infotainment system is shown in the driver display.

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