Locking and unlocking

Double lock*

Updated 5/16/2022

Double lock*

Double lock means that all opening handles are released mechanically when locking from the outside, which makes it impossible to open the doors from the inside.

Double lock is activated when locking with a key button or with keyless locking*, and takes place with a delay of approx. 10 seconds after the doors have locked. If a door is opened within the delay time then the sequence is interrupted and the alarm is deactivated.

The car can only be unlocked with the key, keyless unlocking* or with the Volvo Cars app* when deadlocks are activated.

The front left door can also be unlocked with the detachable key blade. If the car is unlocked with the detachable key blade, the alarm will be triggered.


Do not lock the car from the outside while there is anyone left in the car.

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