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XC40 Recharge Pure Electric
2022 Early

Remote control key

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The electronic immobiliser is a theft protection system that prevents an unauthorised person from starting the car.



The car's keys lock and unlock the car. When a key is within the front part of the passenger compartment, the car can be started.

Ordering additional keys

If a key is lost or you need more keys than the standard number, it is possible to order new keys. If the car is equipped with keyless locking and unlocking* a button-less key (Key Tag) can also be ordered.

Replacing the battery in the key

The battery in the key needs to be replaced when it has become discharged.

Locking and unlocking with the key's buttons

The buttons on the key can be used to lock and unlock all doors and the tailgate simultaneously.

Care Key – speed restricted key

A Care Key makes it possible for the owner of the car to restrict the maximum speed of the car. The speed limit is intended to encourage the car to be driven in a safe manner such as when being loaned out, for example.

Set the speed limit for Care Key

The speed limit for Care Key is set in the centre display.

Unlocking the tailgate with the key button

There is a specific button on the key to unlock the tailgate only.

Detachable key blade

The standard key contains a detachable key blade in metal with several different functions.

Locking and unlocking with the detachable key blade

Amongst other things, the detachable key blade can be used to unlock the car from the outside - for example, if the key's battery has become discharged.

The key's range

In order for the key to work properly it needs to be within a certain distance from the car.

Type approval for the remote control key system

Type approval for the car's remote key system can be seen in the following tables.

Antenna locations for the start and lock systems

An antenna for the keyless starting system and antennas for the keyless locking system* are built into the car.